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The Byerly Foundation is a private foundation that was formed with the proceeds of the sale of the Byerly Hospital to a for-profit hospital company back in 1995. The Foundation is run by a volunteer Board of Trustees whose focus has been finding ways to utilize Foundation resources, in conjunction with other resources, to make an impact on education, economic development and social needs in Hartsville, SC.  

The Foundation follows IRS rules for private foundations and spends a minimum of five percent of its assets annually according to regulations.  Since it began giving grants in 1998, the Foundation has invested over $25 million in the Hartsville community.

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The Byerly Foundation strives to demonstrate the following values in our work and our funding decisions:


Transformative partnerships allow us to know more than we are capable of knowing alone. The Foundation will encourage strategic cooperation and pooling of resources amongst entities in the Hartsville community through consistent, open dialogue.


The Foundation will find its best ideas in being prompt to respond to creative and unusual requests. Eradicating barriers to obtaining positive outcomes for community partners is a priority.


The Foundation’s strength lies within diversity of thought. Diverse voices are essential to building and sustaining a robust Hartsville community.


Supporting ingenuity and resourcefulness is critical as the Foundation continues to be a catalyst for positive change. Trailblazing practices and inventive methods for achieving community good are always welcome.


Community partners must trust the Foundation to operate ethically. We will honor commitments to our community in a transparent way, always showing respect for the individuals we serve.


We must safeguard the assets of the Foundation to ensure sustainability in serving the Hartsville community. Resources must be invested in positive, sustainable outcomes aligned with the mission of the Foundation.